My daily life

I am in charge of two school classes and I am professionally helping to train Chinese masters and manage taekwondo studio.

Today, I will teach students from all over the country who need an alternative in the morning, and in the afternoon, I will teach taekwondo at the Foreign International School, an English-language international school.

Of course, there are two other schools in Beijing that are cosmetically different.

One school costs 4 million won per year for food, lodging, and tuition. Free if you do not have the money to pay. Other foreign international schools are about 50 million won per year. Most of them are good people who have a good social position.

The international school is good in terms of system and environment, but it has a limited time to teach and has a limited teaching purpose.

So I enjoy and guide them without any pressure.

Aegean vocational schools have a poor teaching environment, but they are of great value and significance. From one to ten, a nerve is used.. The co-teachers and assistants who reside in the school are really laborious and respectful. It’s a given mission.

So, is it the reason why it is still here? haha

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